• Many articles on Academia by Mario De Caro [Putnam’s literary executor]

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  1. Sanjit Chakraborty says:

    Really it is an amazing works. Hilary Putnam and his versatile works on philosophy and science has bring a new era in our realm of thought . He is like also a beacon light in our age. I consider myself lucky because I am working on his favorite area semantic externalism.
    I wish his hundred year prosperous academic life.

  2. Sanjit Chakraborty says:

    Prof Hilary Putnam is one of the most important philosopher who has given some notable ideas in philosophy and also philosophy of science. As a thinker he is very honest and really a genuine seeker of truth .
    All works he has still done must be considered as an assert in our philosophical field. I personally consider that he is the one of the best analytic philosopher cum scientist world have ever produced to us. I will request to Alberto Gazzola for download so many articles of sir in this site. I hope the students will get much more facilities from here.

    Thanking you,

  3. Bert says:

    Hi, I read an introduction to the Twin World thought experiment. Although both worlds are said to be identical – why is water and the name of water the only difference? Water on Twin Earth is said to be superficially different – does that mean it is not the same total substance that Oscar knows on Earth?
    If I say, “Good morning!” to my neighbour, both of us hear and know the spoken words therefore we understand the meaning, though reversed.
    Twin Oscar is thinking a different word when he thinks of water therefore, given the superficiality of the water, he cannot know the same thought as Oscar experienced.

    Many Thanks

  4. pincopalla says:

    well done!