Putnam’s last book, edited by Mario De Caro

Hilary Putnam

Naturalism, Realism, and Normativity

Harvard University Press
Edited by Mario De Caro
Publication: April 2016
248 pages

Table of Contents
Introduction: Putnam’s Philosophy and Metaphilosophy [Mario De Caro]
I. Liberal Naturalism and Normativity
1. Naturalism, Realism, and Normativity
2. On Bernard Williams’s “Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline”
3. What Evolutionary Theory Doesn’t Tell Us about Ethics
II. Realism and Ontology
4. Sosa on Internal Realism and Conceptual Relativity
5. Richard Boyd on Scientific Realism
III. Realism and Verificationism
6. Hans Reichenbach: Realist and Verificationist
7. Between Scylla and Charybdis: Does Dummett Have a Way Through?
8. When “Evidence Transcendence” Is Not Malign
IV. Naive Realism, Sensation, and Apperception
9. Sensation and Apperception
10. Perception without Sense Data
11. “Naive Realism” and Qualia
V. Looking Back
12. The Development of Externalist Semantics
13. Sixty-Five Years of Philosophy: A Participant’s Thoughts and

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